What is the point of marriage?

I see no point in marriage, it only makes it harder for dysfunctional couples to break up because you need to go through a divorce. If two people love each other they do not need to have a paper which tells them they are a couple. So, what is the point?


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  • Functionally, there is no point. Two people can choose to function as partners in the business of life, and make what ever arrangement they both find agreeable regarding sex and emotional support, with no need for permission or recognition from any institution. However that is premised on the idea of inherent individual freedom and primacy of individual rights which, despite considerable lip service, no system of government on the planet actually acknowledges or permits to exist.

    Traditionally, marriage was a religious rite. It was one of many means for organized religion to maintain control over people. Many (most?) people still buy into that and believe that allowing some arbiter of dogma and morality to bound their decision space regarding their own lives is appropriate.

    Politically it serves much the same purpose. It's a way for one group to impose their moral views on all of society. In most of the world it's impossible to separate the religious aspect from the political aspect because political decisions are based on legislators' and rulers' religious views, but theoretically they could be separate. The ex-Soviet Union is one example of marriage being enforced to control people for political reasons with minimal religious motivation entwined.

    Economically and legally, there is an argument for marriage in the realm of efficiency and order. It allows something more than a whim to change who receives employer benefits or has default rights in many legal circumstances. Without it, many of the things we rely on to make society function would be reduced to chaos. However a civil union contract would accomplish exactly the same thing with much less drama and, being a contract, could feasibly have an expiration date, default renewal clause, and similar features that could significantly increase economic and legal efficiencies relative to traditional marriage.


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  • there is none imo. after my parents seperated my mother was with a guy and everyone thought they was married, yet they weren't. they didn't want to go that route because of mistakes in their lives regarding past marriages. without a doubt it works for some people but it seems to be something that quite a few people almost always regret.


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  • I'm with you. I don't believe in marriage. I think it's just to ensure babies have a mama and papa, not much more than that. I've had boyfriends in my time, and it was fun, but our lives were changing so I new it wasn't going to develop beyond that.