Is this a sign of something?

i just recently got married. he stopped doing all the little things, like inviting me out to hang out with him and his friends, calling me beautiful every day, or even just commenting on my facebook.i know there is a honeymoon phase, but I need to know if this is something else


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  • It could just be that now you're married, he's in a "comfort zone" where he doesn't feel it as important to do those things and that marrying you has covered those. For most guys it probably just is that they feel that marriage has spoke pretty well for them.

    There could be a slight risk of a problem. If you think this may be the case, look at the rest of his personality, even interactions with other people and see if anything has changed.

    Otherwise, just ask him why he isn't doing those things anymore. He won't mind you being honest if you're subtle (eg. just ask about the facebook thing initially).


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  • It's a sign that you're married.

  • I think a good thing to know is how long did you all date/ were in engaged/ live together before you got married.

  • He's thinking:

    "Well, I finally have her, I don't really NEED to try anymore"


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