why guys act so indifferent?

i was with this guy for a large part of my life... and then due to some reasons (lot of fights over small things)... he broke up with me a few days ago...

just before the breakup he was all "i love yous and marriage etc etc"..

now after the breakup it seems like he is all cold..indifferent..like nothing mattered to him ever...

how can someone transform like this...i am so baffled and its so hard to digest this...its like I meant sh*t to him.


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  • My ex did the same thing. I remember looking at her and thinking I didn't even recognize her. She was a completely different person. I think they do this because it's the only way they can hide how they really feel. I don't know for sure, but I would be your ex still loves you. You can't just turn it off like that. But the only way he can keep that hidden, is to overcompensate by being cold and indifferent. I could be wrong, but that would be my guess.


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  • He just sucks at emotions, that's all. Common problem of the modern male.

  • if he loves u...nd by heart he surely will be around you to see you are OK or not...will try to take care of you or ask abt you to your common friend,or by any way attach to u...wthout your knowing...ya ofcourse if he loves you den...nd if not den what he said b4 was just for that moment...live wth it...d moment passed...nd nw he is going for some1 else...bt if he love you he won't search ne1...nd act cold bt caring for u...nd if not forget him nd move on...


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