Boyfriend does not block ex's number?

My EX cheated on me and my current boyfriend knows how sensitive I am to that and I am realizing I am insecure. My Boyfriend is 53, never been married, engaged yes, but he has a past. I find myself jealous of his issue. He dated a girl for 5 years. I know her. They have been broken up for years. She still text him. When I ask why he does not tell me she text him, he blows it off. I ask him why he is leaving the door open and he can block her number. We have had a few "discussions" on this subject. He says that he is paying for my EX's mistakes. Anytime a guy text me, I tell him. My concern is he has continued to see her over the years even the month before we meet. OK - his past...It seems to me he is keeping the door open. Am I totally off base?


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  • He doesn't want to close the door on her as long as he is in contact he feels he can fall back to her if things don't work with you


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  • Idk, I don't think he has to tell you every time she texts. Your not his warden Lol Maybe her texting is just not a big deal to him. What is the reason they brokke up? and who broke up with who? This all depends on if they are too close for comfort. I have an ex I can care less about physically, but we text and talk here and there because he is still a good person and that's it.