Am I childish or are they just mad? (Everyone's opinion helps)

OK, Let me explain something... I grew up living with my father who comes from a religious family.. For ex: no boyfriends what so ever, ONLY MARRIAGE is allowed.. So dating is unacceptable regardless of the age.. Well I recently moved back to live with my mother side of the family, who is a completely different religion so things aren't so strict.

Anyways I'm 23 and never had a boyfriend, I'm in school and I'm working. Now I kinda don't agree with arranged marriages so I'm OK with the fact of dating.. The only thing is I'm very shy so its kind of hard to hang out with someone I don't know.. I do hang out with people but they are people I've known forever and I'm really comfortable around them.. Anyways I started talking to this guy but because I'm secretive whenever I'm around my father side and I don't let them know what's going on guys get mad like "your 23 and you act like a child. Your old enough to do what you want etc.." I don't think its being childish just think its being respectful of their culture. I grew up like that so I understand why they fell the way they do but I guess some people don't..

Anyways he wanted to hangout but at that time when he asked it was weird so I said no, he then again got mad like " you don't want your family to know about me, your scared to hang out, your childish you act like a 15y/o".

Anyways what I'm asking is, Is something really wrong with me or are does these guys exaggerate when they can't get their way ? Don't get me wrong.. people I've known for a while and know my family understand but people who think I'm childish... Anyways am i?


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  • Well, you're probably somewhat childish and immature in the sense of inexperience more than anything else. But it sounds like the guy was a completely unreasonable tool.

    Even given your background, a decent guy will be able to work around it, without insulting you or accusing you of being a 15 year old.


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  • I don't think you are childish because that's the way you were raised. Its the way your parents brought you up and made you think. You cannot control that, also any guy you are with should respect your parents because if anything were to happen they have to deal with them. That's the way it is. The guy you go out with just needs to be a little more understanding.

  • they sound jealous.

  • they are mad.