What do you think about marriage?

I'm also curious about your thoughts on adopting kids and the in-vitro babies. I read some comments about that topics and now I'm just asking about some more points of view.


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  • I agree with marriage because I like the idea of being commited and growing old with the man you love. Marriage is for some people but it isn't for everyone.

    This is a really personal topic for me because I will never be able to have kids naturally. My family heritage is full of genetic diseases. The only way I will ever be able to have kids is through adoption or PGD. PGD is where they screen the embryo to find out gender, and the likelihood of getting a genetic disorder. I am fine with IVF because some couples really can't have kids. I am not going to try and conceive naturally because I wouldn't want my child to go through numerous operations, being bullied at school, being close to death or having a disrupted childhood.


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  • i'm not opposed to a ceremony, but the idea that government recognition has any effect on love is sickening.

    • This one is a great shot! Thanks.

  • I think its great but I wouldn't want an expensive wedding and I don't want to get married in a church. I would never adopt becuase I could never love the kids as if they were my own. I want to be married by the time I'm in my early 30's.

    • Why is it so important to you the kids to be biologically yours? I have nothing against your opinion. Thanks for that.

    • Because then I wouldn't feel like a loser. I simply couldn't be able to give the same love and attention to a kid that was adopted as opposed to one that was biologically mine. It wouldn't be right for that kid to stay with me. The adopted kid should deserve to be with someone better.

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  • i'm all for marriage, opposite sex, same sex, whatever. love is love

    as for babies, everyone who wants them should be able to hve them

    • Well, I can agree with you. But what's going on if you can't have your own babies? God save you from that!

    • some people unfortunately can't have babies themselves. but that doesn't mean they shouldn't have kids. they just get them in an unconventional way