Is he playing with me?

I like this guy...whom I think likes me too...not sure.He always finds a reason to be around me...and he keeps staring at me like crazy...I waited 1 year and then I thought because he's not telling I should make the first I tried added him on facebook...but he's not replying my messages...we don't talk face to face...So I asked one of his friends who is also a friend of mine...what he thinks about me...but his friend said that he didn't respond...I didn't bother about it...after sometime I got his number and wished him for his birthday...but he didn't reply,not even a thank you.I asked my cousin to ask him whether he had a gf...and he had said he doesn't have and that he doesn't love anyone but if someone proposes to him he will love it seems...What does that mean? Does he want me to ask him out? Or is he playing with me? He keeps looking at me when ever we are together...he kind of follows me around...what is wrong with him?


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  • To be honest with you I don't see him playing any games with you. I'd only see you the one who tried to make moves on him. Are there more signs beside he stares at me like crazy and he seems to follow me around. These signs can be good indicators but doesn't his feeling. Like have he ever tell you that you look nice? Smell nice? Have nice smile? Tell you you look really nice and does he notice any change in you? Does your friend tell you that he ask about you? And etc. You should try to talk to him face to face more if he doesn't answer his texts or go on fb a lot.

  • maybe he is just an extremely shy boy. If he is then he might like you but afraid to make a step forward. But if he isn't a shy person then I think its rude for him to never reply to you. I would fall back.