Guys, what do you think about woman proposing?

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how do you feel about women proposing.

say you were with your significant other for however long and you are sure now that she is "the one" so the ideal of marriage is now in your head and your wanting to do a surprise proposal but she beats you to the punch and proposes to you .

  • Man should only propose, period! ...that's not cool if a woman was to do that.
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  • I have to be the one to pop the question so if she in fact did do that I would decline, tell her why and propose to her like planned though it would not be much of a surprise then
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  • I don't care. That would be great if she proposes first.
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I originally asked this question for guys only but if you are a woman and want to add a commit with your views that's fine.


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  • I think the relationship would have to be clearly structured in a way such that the woman had always been the more dominant figure. If I'm dating a girl, and for the most part I'm in the dominant position, and she busts out a marriage proposal, I might freak out.

    I honestly think for most men it would be a massive pride crusher. He'd be humiliated. I don't think society is quite at the place where women could freely propose. They can ask guys out though, that is a change. Being asked out by a girl isn't really that shocking nowadays, but marriage, I just don't think we're ready yet.


What Guys Said 5

  • Option E: I would prefer to do it, but she can if she wants to.

    P.S.: Isn't this why you girls invented The Talk? To let him know it's time to start thinking long-term?

  • lol My Dad asked my Mom if she'd marry him and she said "No." A few days later my Mom asked my Dad and he said "Yes" along with a few choice other words and phrases. ;-)

    My Grandpa on my Mom's side asked my Grandma if she wanted to get married and her answer was "I guess."

    My point- it doesn't matter who says what or how it's said, it's whether or not the answer is yes and if it works out in the end. :-)

  • I like it.

  • It's nice.


What Girls Said 3

  • I guess I kind of have this mindset that if a guy wants to talk to me, he will initiate the conversation. if he wants to be with me, he'll ask me out. if he wants to marry me, he'll ask. it's expected of him to ask. it's not like he's sitting there thinking "oh am I supposed to be the one to propose or will she?" most guys just assume that it's something that they have to do, so when they are ready, they will ask. I think it takes a lot more time for a guy to realize if this person is the one or not, therefore, he should be the one asking when he's ready.

  • I'm the kinda girl who dreams of a fairy tale wedding so I wouldn't propose to a guy. If he can't propose to me then maybe we aren't met to be married.

  • I would NEVER propose to a guy. Ever.