Guys, what do you think about woman proposing?

guys only (girls there's a spot in poll to view results) how do you feel about women proposing. say you were with your significant other for... Show More

  • Vote A Man should only propose, period! ...that's not cool if a woman was to do that.
  • Vote B I have to be the one to pop the question so if she in fact did do that I would decline, tell her why and propose to her like planned though it would not be much of a surprise then
  • Vote C I don't care. That would be great if she proposes first.
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I originally asked this question for guys only but if you are a woman and want to add a commit with your views that's fine.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I think the relationship would have to be clearly structured in a way such that the woman had always been the more dominant figure. If I'm dating a girl, and for the most part I'm in the dominant position, and she busts out a marriage proposal, I might freak out.

    I honestly think for most men it would be a massive pride crusher. He'd be humiliated. I don't think society is quite at the place where women could freely propose. They can ask guys out though, that is a change. Being asked out by a girl isn't really that shocking nowadays, but marriage, I just don't think we're ready yet.