Would you have sex outside your marriage?

I know some people that I work with that, given the right opportunity, would probably have a sexual affair with someone other than their spouse. I want to hear from any of you that are married or in a committed relationship -- would you have an affair with someone if the opportunity presented itself? If so, give me some reasons why you would.

I'm not going to judge, but I'm interested in finding out how different people might act if a proposition and opportunity came up in their lives. Please be candid, and you can answer anonymously if you like.


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  • I've noticed on all questions like this that all the under 18 say immediately NO.all the 18-24 are so-so and say they wouldn't or they would leave before they did it.then the 25-29 don't see the point or they say they've thought about it but aren't willing to risk it (just yet).then you have the 30-35 and 36-45 who say they're doing it or they've done it.blah blah blah. could this be because all the over 30 crowd has finally had a dose of reality and the fantasy doesn't last forever after all? My guess would be yes.I know plenty of people who as long as I've known them swore it would NEVER happen to them. Don't we all know people like that? The ones who spoke against it the most were the first ones to fall.ironic? I don't think so. You try to be strong and faithful but only what you experience in real life will determine whether or not you crack under the pressure of being at the right/wrong place at the right/wrong time. You think you know someone but then your wife becomes controlling, insecure and suspicious and you haven't done anything. Or your husband becomes unappreciateve, disrespectful and unemotional thus making both husband and/or wife unreachable at which time you reach for someone else. For all those under 18 and up to 30 I hope you all learn how to maintain a spouse and ALWAYS treat them the way they deserve or you may find yourselves eating your words.good luck to you all in this crazy day and age.


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  • No. Not just during marriage, either. I think that trust is wholly important in a relationship, and cheating breaks it in half. I've watched my stepsister do this over and over to her husband, and it's not only tearing them up, it's affecting our family as well. I've never understood it, especially in a time when you can openly invite someone to join you and your partner or leave someone if you aren't happy with the relationship.

  • Nope. Not at all. I think infidelity is stupid. Why sign a contract of faith and honesty if you're going to bang someone else.

  • I have no intentions on getting married since that is the case if I'm with someone who I'm serious about and visa versa than having an affair is out of the question.

  • I would not

  • I never dreamed I would cheat on my husband but I am having an affair now. what it boils down to is that my husband stopped giving me affection, sex and love and another opportunity presented itself. I have small children and my husband and I get along but it is more like brother and sister than a passionate relationship.

    • Since you cheat do you worry about STDs? Also is your husband aware? How do you feel when you get home when he is there? Do you feel really odd or out of place when you are in the same home he is?

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