What exactly is the point of getting married in todays society?

Now first to make the point clear, this is meant to be a question about marriage itself. It is an actual question and I do not intend to flame on "marriage". I was recently thinking about this question and couldn't give a logical answer to it.

Marriage does not magically create love or will keep someone from leaving. Divorce rates are on a staggering rise and many people have affairs. There is no difference between the day before the wedding and the day after (besides being down some money). Are there even any benefits, because you can have the exact same things without the magical "title" that's suppose to somehow validate your love for someone.

Anyone enlighten me? What is the point of marriage now a days? (the majority of people already have pre-marital sex anyways) Seems like the only answer I can think of is the title itself and the paper work to go along with it. So why are we just conforming to this mythical expectation of romance and love that we were bombarded by disney, the media ect. when we were kids?


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  • -Tax breaks.

    -Expedited inheritance.

    -Visitation rights.

    -Child custody.

    -Spousal benefits in pensions, health care, insurance, veteran's benefits, etc.

    -Family and medical leave benefits

    -Power to execute decisions for incapacitated spouse

    -Property rights in case of divorce

    -Right to sue for interference of spousal rights

    Almost makes the ball and chain worth it, eh?


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  • it's a way to ensure yourself a life long partner and friend. Someone to help raise your children make a life with and create a family. it's a comfort to know that person is there even after the initial sexual feelings have subsided that they're a true friend and companion who knows everything about you and your life. in good and bad times someone who's on your side and has your back. That when things get ugly you know they aren't going to up and leave even if during a period of time they might want to they don't because you've committed yourself to each other to work it out and take care of each other or just push to keep the other one going. it's not rainbows and puppies like it s in the initial stages I can assure you of that but if two people are committed to marriage and what it means it means that as long as that person is alive you'll never be alone.

  • In today's society to most people? I have no earthly idea.

    But when I get married it will be for love and the fact that I am fully committed to him.


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  • lol, I have no idea. I don't wanna be tied down to that, ever.

  • It's a legally binding contract that allows women to take half of your stuff.

    • lol omg well not that I'm disagreeing but I have my own business and I have a lot to lose if I get married to a guy, most likely, that I'll need to protect just as much. It's not always guys! And even so I STILL want to get married. It CAN be about loyalty and love, nothin wrong with that!

    • That goes 50/50 G_GTom. Sometimes the guys want the woman's stuff.

    • "And even so I STILL want to get married. It CAN be about loyalty and love" But see that's what I am asking. Are are views so distorted by our upbringing about what exactly a "relationship" is anymore? You have one with your family, friends and a significant other, it already is a long term commitment that can offer loyalty, love ect.Why is it that we all only associate these with marriage? It is no different than a relationship other than papers/increase in probability of they bear children

  • Honostly I don't think there is a point to it anymore if you aren't religious. If I love a woman to death nothing will change before or after the wedding. If she does want a ceremony though I would meet her at the middle and have one it just wouldn't be the traditional tux/gown with a priest wedding ceremony.

  • There seems less and less point. You need to have children connect with their parents though. So we need to keep that sorted.

  • There is no point.