Why are married men on chat sites?

flirting, and cybering with younger women/anything they can get?

is your marriage really that boring?


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  • a related question is why many single girls, young girls, are attracted to successful, married men who look well after themselves.

    my sister's roommate was all over a buddy of mine, who is married. he is doing quite well in all ways and he loves his wife but she was in europe and this girl offered her up to him no strings attached and he took her up on her offer. I was super-pissed as I was at my buddy's wedding (at least I wasn't the best man) and now I'll probably have to lie to his wife forever, who in her own right is an amazing woman. if she had cheated on him he'd be super-pissed but he never denied being a hypocrite or never passing up something that he can take.

    i think some people are just promiscuous and liars and don't have basic respect for their own promises or their loved ones. the society we live in has a token stigma for them, but by and large they get through their lives just fine the way they are


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  • I'm herer to share my wisdom. God, these 14 year old girls here, they ARE looking for just about anything they can get...

  • yes marriage is that boring especially if you been with them for awhile haha

    this is why I have commitment issues! or men in general lol. cause there are so many girls

    and so little time in life. like pokemon... gotta catch em all while you can

  • its a good thing I'm not married yet


  • lol it must be!

    thats f***ed up to their wives, unless they have permission.

    • lmao permission?

      'honey I'm quite horny today, if you don't mind I'm just gunna get onto this sex chat and check out this underaged girls nice perky t*ts!? humm that okay?"

      im sure that would go over greaat ;D LOL

    • a you never know.

      if there's such a thing as swingers, there must be someone who would do this.

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  • I agree, they shouldn't really be on them if their married. I mean, if they just want to chat to people and make new friends I understand, but If their on to flirt with women, then they shall feel the wrath of my angry face! >:[ haha, I'm so intimidating =w=

  • -They must be lacking something in their married life.

    - They have a thing for young girls, a lot of people do.

    - Married life gets boring after a while because you live with the same person day in, day out.

    - they think girls on chat sites are easy and just need a quick get-off.

    There are many reasons.