Concerned for a 'friend's' mental state?

Hi guys, I have a quick question. A friend of mine whom I used to have a thing for got out of a serious relationship a year ago. I confronted him about liking him and he told me he's just not ready for something...he was engaged to this girl. I understood and backed away. Recently I ran into him and he is now dating his good friends ex (obviously they are no longer good friends) and he looks terrible. Granted I was upset about the situation, but I am more concerned for him and his behavior. He basically threw away a bunch of good friends over this girl and he's not his bubbly self, he looks like he's exhausted...just not normal. What do you think could be going on here? I really don't think he's in love with this girl...but for a guy to do something like that to a good friend makes me wonder. I just really hope it's not drugs or something because he looks awful. Thanks for any insight in advance.


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  • We here cannot help him. He was probably devastated. He is trying to find happiness again. He is just doing it wrong way because he no longer believe in right one.

  • Try asking him what's up. Act like you knew nothing of what happened and try being nice of him. Be like "i saw you the other day and you didn't look yourself. Is anything wrong?"


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