Why is it that it seems the guys I seem to meet want to marry me so fast?

Well, I asked a previous question about whether I should leave my current fiance since he's done some things before to make me not trust him for a guy friend I've been talking to for a month who started to really like me, and I've been slowly starting to like him, too, but I told him that I'm still in a relationship with my fiance, and that I didn't want to do anything or get in a relationship with him until I've talked things out with ny fiance and settled things once and for all. Then he said that if things manage to not work out with him, that he'll pay for me to go over and be with him and he said that he will propose to me. I'm having some second thoughts about this whole thing because we haven't even been on a date for one, and all we've ever done was talk. O.O I also asked him if he was really serious, and he said he was. I've even talked to other guys before I even met my fiance, and after a bit, they seemed to want to propose to me right away, too... :/ Should I reconsider the idea of possibly going out with him?


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  • Before anything else you might want to consider what it is about yourself that is attracting the crazies that want to marry so quickly. Any rational person would not want to get married so quickly but instead would want to get to know the person well enough to confidently say they want to spend the rest of their lives with them.

    • That's a good idea. I'll try to think about that.

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  • Maybe you're that keeper type of girl, and they want to "lock you in" before you get away? lol Not sure, but if guys think you're a catch then maybe they're just eager to go further with you.

  • Go with the one who treats you best and you trust. I wish I could find a girl like you. I take youbin a second ;)


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