If your mate is your idea of marriage material, what would stop you from asking?

Say you are like best friends.You can talk about anything and she doesn't mind she cooks cleans financially stable and very independent and hygienically and the best in bed you've ever head and you also want kids with her and you've told her all this why wouldn't you just buy a ring and ask her? I am in this situation and He has even jokingly proposed a few times but I think maybe my pride made me act like I wasn't interested in getting married keeps him from really doing it?


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  • Any number of reasons. For example, I delayed asking my wife to marry me because I thought she wanted the big white wedding that I wouldn't be able to afford for years. She did, but was more interested in getting married, so we did, and I thought it was pretty awesome.

    Somehow, I agreed to a huge 20th wedding anniversary.


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  • For some people marriage is just not important. I've been with my partner for over 10 years, we have 3 beautiful kids together and aren't married.

    The only thing that will change after you get married is your name and you have an extra peice of paper.

    Perhaps he hasn't proposed because he just doesn't care whether he gets married or not.

  • maybe he's afraid you'd say no. try checking out wedding dresses but acting like you don't know he's looking.


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