Why does she get so mad at me?

Me and my girlfriend were talking earlier and she got mad at me and signed off and she won't answer my texts. We were talking about different political ideas like gay marriage and interacial marriage. She got mad at me and she's not talking to me now. Whenever she gets mad at me I feel like the world is darker. I feel a sharp pain in my heart when she's mad at me. She doesn't realize it but when she's mad at me it hurts me more than she knows. Do all girls get mad at little things?


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  • i wouldn't say that all do but a lot do. I get mad at my boyfriend over stupid things sometimes. I used to a lot but I've worked on it. I know what you mean though, when my boyfriend and I have a disagreement or something, I feel horrible and I constantly think about it until I know that everythings ok. I think that what makes me get upset sometimes is because he doesn't fix the reason I get upset. if he would become aware of why I got upset, and fix it, then I know I would get mad less. because when guys ignore it, its kind of like they don't care enough to fix it. anyways, just tell her how much it hurts you when she gets mad and she may try not to get mad as much, and make sure you try to fix things when she's mad.


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  • those are not little things. those are things that have to do with basic human rights and prejudice. maybe you are taking the situation too lightly and not trying to understand where she is coming from and why this affects her so much..she must be passionate about them for a reason

  • Not all girls do. But I can tell you I get mad at my boyfriend several times a day. But because it's usually about something stupid, I decide not to say anything about it. He doesn't take it well, he says I'm too sensitive. Which I am.


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