To marry or not to marry??

I've noticed that my generation doesn't take marriage seriously anymore. I KNOW it's all in WHO you marry, but I mean if you look at the statistics more people are getting divorced. And besides I feel I don't need a paper and a title to prove I love somebody. I can still be faithful, loyal and trustworthy on my own. You can be married to someone and they could still end up cheating on you. THEN you gotta go thru all that divorce crap and blah blah.

So what I'd like to know is, if anyone else feels the same about marriage? Do you need that piece of paper and that title of husband and wife or not?


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  • If you have religious views, then yeah you need the title. Me and my husband love being married, and it's definitely not all rainbows and kisses all the time and it's really hard, especially when you have the Army that forces itself to come first. But, if you truly love someone, you make it work and get through those hard times. Sure one of the spouses could end up cheating, but that can happen in any type of relationship. And yeah, our generation DOESN'T take marriage seriously anymore and it's really sad. I can't tell you how many countless young people get married in the military because they don't want to be apart.and they've only been together for a few months! Me and my husband dated for over a year and decided to get married before the military ever came into our lives. But he is also 27 and ready to settle down. I think that has a lot to do with it also. People THINK their ready, and their really not and when their finally in the marriage they realize their not ready. Which is why we lived together before we got married to make sure we would work.


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  • I plan on getting married just because it's what I've always wanted. I guess I wouldn't necessarily need to get married to be faithful and such, but it is a good way to prove that you love someone because it's saying that I want to be with you forever. Except some people get divorced. However marriage is kind of saying that I don't plan on having to go through the divorce crap cause I wanna be with you forever.or something like that.

    • You would be a really wonderful husband, the girl that you would marry was very lucky:)

    • Thanks, but evidently she doesn't think that, look at my question.

  • yes I believe in marrige but most of the people who get married and divorced they didn't try their best to keep it from falling a part because anything in this world need to keep working on it

    if not it gonna fall sooner or later .


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  • I don't feel like I have to married to show my boyfriend that I love him. marriage to me seems more like a religious thing, but I've noticed that people like to do it for the "image" and the fancy gown that comes on that "special" day.non-married couples for sure have the same relationship as a married couple the only thing that's different is that the breakup doesn't cost money