Does a guy who cheats before, during, and into his marriage?

Really seem to have gotten married for the right reasons? If he admits on his wedding day to his friend "he's gonna try to settle down" why did he get married? WTF for?

It makes no sense... what do you think?


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  • I was always told that a once a cheater always a cheater, but I'm not sure if that is true. sometimes people change. Nothing in life is guaranteed. You have to trust that person and yourself. I feel there is no respect for anything anymore is this world. People are just doing so many evil things it PATHETIC! When a man says he's gonna try to settle down, that's a red flag. He's not ready for marriage! I know of a man who has cheated on his wife for over 15 years even before they were married. He is handsome and his wife looks like a beauty queen. She even had her boobs enlarged just so he would'nt cheat. That did'nt work.

    • Yeah I agree. I think he was desperate and married her cause he lost his house and getting back with her was a security thing...what is ironic is that I heard he wanted her to get pregnant right away and she did right after their marriage but that seems odd, too so I guess she wouldn't leave..? its sad and pathetic


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  • He wants it both ways - whatever benefits he feels a wife brings, and the ability to have sex with multiple women that is normally reserved for single people.

    • he lost his house in Feb 2008 and then got back with her in April 2008 got engaged in July 2008 but was cheating on her up until Jan 2010 right before their baby was born. My guess he did it cause his credit was in the sh*tter and had no choice?

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  • WTF is right. People like this don't deserve the love of the person they marry. They don't deserve love at all.

    • I agree. he probably has cheated on her a million times before they broke up for two years then back together he cheated on her the whole time right up until their son was born and he got busted... the wife is still with him! I think she has issues too.