Once a guy gets the girl he wanted(s), is she less important to him?

This guy has been trying to get with me for the past year, Until the last month, I didn't show any interest in him at all but finally we ended up dating and everything, But now I get the impression that now that he "has me", he doesn't want me as much anymore. If I propose to do something, he says yes and we do but before it was always him wanting to do something. Should I just back off for a while?


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  • Well you should be lucky he even waited a year. I sure of wouldn't for no girl, even if I think she's (the one). Maybe he's just tired of always being the one to pull moves and always being the one showing all the interest and effect and wants to see if you can? I can't say this is hundred percent true. Maybe he's just gotten over you. I am not sure but either way I say give the guy a break if he was willing to wait a year for you I don't think you should just go treating him like dirt once again because he either lost interest or wants it to him instead.


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  • I experience the same things from many men I have given a chance . Its like the ol saying 'you want what you can't have' Sometimes playing their part back will drive them closer to you but this is from my perspective. However life is not always about games tho.