ok so I know me and my girlfriend are young.

i just want to know of a way to ask my girlfriend if she will marry me.

like I want it to be easy, yet creative.



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  • as good as the peoples answers are on here are probally gonna be I think it would soo much better if you thought of it yourself. and you also have to take the time you and her knew each other and how close you are into consideration.but I'll give you an example anywaysz

    my exboyfriend sort of asked me the same thing but I liked the way he did it he might not have made it up though anyways he was like "when me and him were eighteen we're gonna have a baby (which would have scared me off if I had not known him for 2 years already and knew that I could easily persuade him otherwise)and when the babies in his room sleep and and I was gonna be in another room .then the baby is gonna start crying .then when I come up to the room I would see the baby with a shirt that says "will you marry my dad ?"and he was gonna there on proposing with a ring and then he asked me would I say yes and I was like of course.


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  • a walk, somewhere you've check out before hand, make sure its summer and the weather is nice all day, have a forest and pack a delicate picknic (im talking champagne, strawberries, her favourite cheese, yoghurt, chocolate bites etc not just plain sandwiches) then out in the sunshine propose to her, (but please pick a good ring!!! nothing massive!!) then go on to say why it is that you cannot NOT live without her, why she's the only woman you ever want to have a family with, why she is the woman you chose to spend the rest of your life with and no one else :)
    and why she is the girl you want to share all the memories yet to come with her on your journey together as one :)

  • idk, but I wish that my boyfriend wld as me to marry him, he wants for us to wait untill he's outta college. so thts gnne b like idk... 5 to 6 yrs

  • get her a promise ring, try to put it on her finger while she`s sleeping, so when she wakes up she will notice it.


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