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How can I propose to my girlfriend!?

Hi, I've been with my girlfriend for a couple years now and I want to propose to her in a way that she will never forget, but I am not sure if I can... Show More

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  • Getting down on one knee is the part that most girls dream about, along with the dream about their wedding dress rather than the all the details of the wedding itself. Guys have been known propose at sporting events on the jumbotron, skydiving, and things like that if they wanted to go ALL OUT to really suprise the girl. But in general, most girls envision a man getting down on one knee as he proposes to her with a ring in his hand. Speaking for myself, I know I do. Obviously I don't know your girl personally to know if she'd be ok with you getting on your knee in pitch black darkness or not, but my guess is that she would be really happy if you did although no matter what you decide to do, she will be thrilled to tears. :-) Good luck and early congratulations!

    • Thank you sincerely for your input... I did not see it from this point of view! Since she has dreamt about a big wedding since she is young, I kinda need to fulfill her wish and kneel down while proposing to her, otherwise, it would spoil her mood a bit. That made me think, I could probably make our appartment pitch black and kneel down in the dark, then the lights to turn on as I am kneeling down so she can see me kneeling down! ...Am I trying to go overboard here?!!?

    • That's a great idea! Go for it! :-)

What Girls Said 3

  • You don't have to kneel down to propose, and I really love your plan for proposing, and I would say go for it. Propose how you want - she'll love you for it, and besides, who are your mates to tell you how to propose? Just go for your plan, and I reckon it will be fab! Let me know how you get on!

  • no you don't have to kneel on one knee to propose.its kinda to formal for my taste personally.find some way creative but in the end doesn't matter how you do it if she loves you she'll say YES (L) lol.good luck

What Guys Said 1

  • No matter how you do it, she will never forget it! and aww btw lol! I like the original plan tbh! If you wanna get crazy then do so but make sure it stays romantic and sweet and not too showy. Also, yeah, down on one knee is a must. Its more romantic that way and girls love romance :D Well my girlfriend does anyway :P

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