Do women realize that hoes ruin it for marriage minded women?

One of the primary advantages to a man in getting married is that he procures a constant supply of sex with a woman he loves. If women have casual sex more easily, these men can get that supply without getting married or having any of the nasty issues involved with commitment.

So wouldn't it be much more rational for most women (and most women still want to get married) to shame sluts like the old days? The truth is that sluts factually make bad wives, and are more likely to abuse their children, be criminals, cheat and initiate a divorce.


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  • You have a f***ed up idea about marriage and relationships.


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  • So basically you're saying that "promiscuous" women shouldn't be allowed to live their lives the way they want to... so that men who don't want to marry will have no choice but to get married if they want sex... so that women who want to get married will be happy?

    How about you married-minded people just find each other and leave us "sluts" to ourselves? :-D

    • exactly.

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    • Well then that's their problem lol

    • Yes it is, because sluts make bad husbands too.

  • Are you learning disabled? Why do you think, anyone who thinks commitment is 'nasty' deserves anything more than casual sex.

    You are looking at it from the wrong angle.

    Why exactly do you think people who want sex without marriage, are worthy of the women who want marriage?

    Also not all women want marriage. Not all men want sex.

    And if you don't want men having premarital sex,"wouldn't it be much more rational for most men (and most men still want to get married. if they don't then they shouldn't MARRY.) to shame male-sluts " Women are not marrying women., If you are so obsessed with men not f***ing before marriage , so that they can marry-- then direct it at men.

    • The difference is sluts enable the men's poor behavior, because women control the institution of sex. It's only logical to blame the people in charge for bad results. Sluts are poor choices of wives because they have sh*tty maternal instincts.

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    • Toulouse is right there are two sides. There are women out there who like sex just as much as men do. So both people are in control of it. If you are so in control of your sexuality as you claim, I'm sure that other men are also capable of being in control.

      Besides, don't you ask this question on here all the time? Why not spend your time and energy starting a support group or something to stop people having sex if it means that much to you.

    • I agree with the fairy. ;)

  • We all know that but doesn't really matter if we want to be married or not. There will always be some slut as you put it that will sleep with the guy/girl married or not. It happened in the old days and will continue to until people in a relationship period are happy with other and not looking elsewhere. I'm not saying having to be constantly happy but to know the person is who you want and no one else. The one thing good about the "old days" was there wasn't Internet to make it easier to cheat. Sucks too because I love Internet, but for games, articles etc. The p*rn sites don't even bother me as long as its straight adults and just pics. I'm not into it myself but some people like it and that's them. Its the sex and "dating" sites that are ruining relationships. I believe in marriage, just be nice when the spouse isn't inclined to run off lol.

  • if you haven't noticed ANYONE can be a slut. quit being biased. people will do whatever they want and choose to do.

    • Only women can be sluts

    • wow... get of your ignorant high horse. men can be just as slutty,hoeish and bitchy as women. get over yourself!

  • marriage isn't solely for the supply of sex. married women can say, "no" to sex as well. to be married is to commit your life to someone, usually for love (sometimes for a green card). also, woman are allowed to be sluts, sex is (or can be) enjoyable to women as well. if the world didn't have "sluts", & men were just sex driven (unlike women, as there are no sluts...), then with your logic, more people would just be getting married to have sex, but because the women don't have sexual tendencies, then they would be saying,"no" to sex, even within a marriage. this would lead to the dilution of the the idea of marriage. in that world, it'll be "f*** love, we're married.. let's have sex", but the women wouldn't agree, as they would have no sex drive... in your ideal world.. *ahem

    • Supply and demand. Because whores allow men to sleep around and cheat on their wives or girlfriends (i.e. casual sex) they are ruining it. You can look at it as two distinct phases of your life if you want, but that's ignoring how your actions impact others and what the consequences for casual sex are.

      But I guess that's the entire basis of being a slut, right? Sluts are more concerned with their own sexual pleasure and "liberation" than about raising a child. Sluts make bad mothers and wives

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    • Actually having casual sex does make you a bad person because of all the social problems it leads to

    • having sex with more than 4 people (in reference to previous comments made by you) does not mean that it's casual sex, therefore not a "ho". so ANYTHING that leads to social problems in the future can potentially make you a bad person... you should probably never leave your house...

  • Quit trolling.

    • No trolling. I think it logically makes sense. Many men have no reason to marry because there's always sluts.

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  • Competition's a bitch, huh?

    • I don't compete for women

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    • Okay, then don't go the church route. Just limits your options futher.

      So why DID they ban you? Just curious. Welcome back by the way.

  • You think you can get a constant supply of sex when you get married? Ba ha ha.

    • If your wife isn't pestering you for sex all the time, you're doing it wrong.