Why do people justify everything with God, even when wrong?

I know this woman who got pregnant because the man she was involved with wanted to have kids, then she gets surprised when the father doesn't want the child... then she justifies and convinces herself by thanking god and jesus.



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  • I don't know but I have the SAME problem with my brother.

    He asked to borrow 2g from me and said he'll pay back within a year, 2 years later and nothing. I asked for it back and he says that it's God's money and that I'm not suppose to ask for it back. Then he asks me if I want to die, and he'll kill me. This is from a guy who thinks that he knows God more than everyone. WHATEVER.

    Like seriously... wow.

    Now God says in the bible that you are suppose to have sex only with your husband/wife (spouse). If you don't then fornication is a sin. If you divorce, it is a sin. If you have sex outside of marriage with a prostitute/whore then you become one yourself, because if you join your body with someone during sex that means you sin against your own body and you become one with that person. She got pregnant with the guy, is he her husband? And she and him, they split so did they have a divorce? 1 sin for not being married and having sex outside of marriage, another sin for getting a divorce. Also God forgives sins though... if they only were "innocent" and didn't know what they were doing. Those who know what they were doing, their conscience will be judged against them. And also I think that kids should be born, but it is better that there be a mom and dad then a kid. It is that God created humans to be naturally that way!

    • yea people throw god's name when they have done something wrong, its pathetic


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  • it's always easier to blame other people or in this case, a divine being


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  • because people are really stupid, that's why a lot of people have died or been screwed over in the name of God