Signs of an upcoming proposal?

what the usual signs that men tend to implicitly show that an engagement proposal would be made


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  • Romantic sweet gestures that seem to last a whole week or month? If I was going to propose I'd probably be planning a small list of events. It's kinda easy to know when a guy might pop the question. But girls love surprises so most just stay oblivious for the hell of it. Or so I've been told.

    • My boyfriend told me that he is planning to give me a diamond fact he even asked about my ring size. Moreover, he seemed to be weird because he told me that he has a plan in relation with the diamond ring though when I asked him about it, all he can say is that "no comment for all you need to do is to wait.." I already have the feeling that he is going to ask me to marry him because when I asked him on which hand is he going to slip the diamond ring, he said "on your left finger

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  • If he starts planning a specialdate for you guys

    • My boyfriend is in the US and he strictly told me that in his visit in the Philippines, he would really want me to bring him in a theme park since we both do love theme parks..