Saving it for marriage?

Where do you find a guy who is willing to wait? Its so impossible to find one. Once they know I want to wait they leave. Or should I try a kind of open relationship where he can sleep with other women but just not me? And what is the deal with sexual compatibility which people believe should be known before marriage?

I don’t want to expect much but I do hope if I do get married he will appreciate the fact that I waited for him because guys nowadays don’t really seem to care.

what if I agree to bj and hand jobs (I don't want to give bjs). Would a guy agree to that? I'm looking for a balance, where its not just about me & him forced to wait. Fact is I can't have sex with someone I don't love & who dosen't love me- I'll regret it


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  • .Now I'm pissed. I had a huge long intelligent sounding reply typed for this that would explain in detail what I'm about to say but when I hit submit it erased it.

    I disagree with what you're saying and I have an intelligent reason for doing so that if you care to hear you'll message me about. I'm not about to type all that crap a second time only to possibly lose it again. ARGH!


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  • Obviously an open relationship goes against your own values. As for finding a guy like that, I really don't know how many exist and where. I personally would wait if I really liked the girl, but that's just me.


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  • There's a lot of selfish guys out there, but if he really loves you he'll wait and if you set the standards of having a open relationship in the beginning he might want to keep it the same way even after marriage. A open relationship is not a healthy one if marriage is what your wanting in the end.