I still love her but honestly I have lost interest.

i have been in a relationship with this girl I met online through a friend. I said something silly and we broke up. we later became friends on Facebook and we started chatting again.i use to call her constant and I even bought her b.day gift.i have to told her several times I still love her and I really want her back but she wanted us to be friends,she came to ghana to her family and I got a chance to meet her, I proposed to her again but she still stands on friendship.use to cut my hair but now I have locks now.which she never knew about.she went back London and we had a little conversation on skype.now I don really feel like talking her anymore.i want to let her go and move done.since I ave done all I could.i hardly talk to her this days or even send her text.i really want to stop thinking about her and also stop talking to her.give me advise please


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  • I would say you should go out with friends and have a good time. Maybe even date some new women. This is how I've gotten over breakups. I know its hard to break up. Maybe you just need to talk to more people. Also it takes time.