When do guys think it's OK to get impatient about a marriage proposal?

I've been with my boyfriend for two almost three years and we are teen parents I know about 98% of teen relationships don't last especially with a baby and don't explain it to me I know because I'm living it but we get along so well we have of few fights of course but who doesn't? But when is it OK to expect an engagement rig or maybe even a promise ring what would you guys think


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  • It depends on the guy. More guys now a days, like me, look at marriage as a piece of paper and it just gets the government more involved in our lives. Marriage was more important when there was no birth control and people had no choice to have kids. Now we can just have sex and settle down when we want. Also 80 years ago most women didn't have jobs so it was seen as honorable to marry partly because the wife needed the husband to pay the bills or she was out of luck.

    If you feel like your ready for marriage you gotta bug him I guess. Your so young and your brain isn't even done growing so odds are it would end in a divorce or you would stubbornly stay together even though your unhappy at some point.


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  • You can never "expect" anything of the sort. You can either ask, or be asked and respond accordingly, IMO.

  • Why get married if you are already together? Getting married won't change anything for the better. Marriage just makes people lazy in a relationship, because they figure they don't have to try anymore. If you still want to get married then just ask him to marry you, or ask if he is going to ask you.

    • we are together but I just want that big fancy wedding!

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