Having a little bit of social anxiety here, advice?

i want to join a sorority because I don't have a decent group of friends here and it looks like a good way to get out there. I'm very pretty and look like a sorority girl. I think I could get in buttttt...i have no one to go to the events with during rush...i don't want to walk in on that huge room with sooooooo many girls talking to each other and me not knowing where to go and feeling awkward arriving alone aaahh helpp


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  • Have something that deviates from normalcy. Something that enables you to just go and talk to people, for no reason other than it, and makes people want to talk to you, for no reason other than it. I don't know what that could be - attire, an owl, tic-tacs... Devote some thought to it. But you know its hard to talk to people who are already engaged, but just as hard is it to talk to the lonely newcomer when you're engaged with all your pals, which plenty of people will want to do. So... Give them an excuse to. I don't know how that will manifest itself, but its sure a good idea.

    See, I used to do it when I started high school. I brought in tic-tacs. Which is just... Such a MENIAL thing. I mean seriously - f***ing tic-tacs. But we were all 12, so that was great. And what happens is if you give 'em out freely, people come to you. And they have their own way of presenting it - some people ask outright, some people get all flirtatious and coy, lah-de-dah - and its all in fun, like. And then, you can give them some. And you *talk*. And you share anecdotes and become ol' pals. And its not just like, one or two people you do this with, but about 80% of the people there. And I mean, it worked really well - its just a shame that I was 12 and didn't really have the slick personable persona I do now to take advantage of that. But I mean, in theory it was a good idea. And I like the idea, its a great way to meet people - change tic-tacs to something more palatable and fitting, and you've scored the evening.


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  • Either do it or don't. You're not going to progress anywhere by getting discouraged if you don't have friends with you to go somewhere. There are going to be plenty of moments when you have to do things on your own, and if this is one of them so be it. I'm sure you won't be the only person there who feels awkward, anyway. Just go for it.