Some poor people just settle

I mean honestly. Some people just face facts that they are lonely and eventually marry some person they aren't attracted to in the least. I don't know about you, but that scares the shit out of me.

LOL. My question is do you notice this? And do you feel you may have to be one of these people?


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  • Yes, I have seen people just settle. I've had a few friends I was afraid would just settle with their boyfriend/girlfriend. If you aren't truly happy with your relationship, then don't stay. I'm not saying that to be mean, but settling is staying a relationship because you don't think you'll get better choices. You won't get the chance if you don't let go and try to find it.


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  • Me too.

  • Me too! I see a lot of that nowadays and it has been freaking me out too...but I haven't even Graduated from high school yet so thinking like that is a year and some months away. I just pray I get to go to college.

  • Because as a woman sometimes you worry that you won't find better. And it is a bit unrealistic to expect to find your dream man or woman, your prince charming, etc. So if you meet a person who has a lot of qualities you like and you feel attracted to him/her and you can see yourselves building a life together, you get married. I don't think that's settling, I think it's being realistic. I think that if you have a real "Dream person" you are setting yourself up for failure and a fairy tale that will never come.

    I don't have a "guy of my dreams" I just want someone who has certain qualities and traits that are not highly unrealistic at all, combine that with sexual attraction and the right time to settle down and I think I'll be happy. I don't expect marriage to be a romantic fairy tale. I think it is a part of life that can be great but it takes work and compromise, and the realization that nobody is perfect and nobody will ever fill all your dreams.

    • Oh, that's fine. I agree, that is being real. I mean when it is people who truly don't really like each other but settle.

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