He wants to marry me!! But not for another 2 years :(

As stated, he says he is so excited at the thought of me becoming his wife but wants to be financially stable, finish uni etc. I totally agree with all this but I would still like him to propose sooner rather than later. I'm very happy with having a long engagement.

So is there a way to perhaps nudge along the idea of a proposal?


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  • this is probably what he means, because an engagement is pretty serious stuff for a bloke, we want to be able to get the ring you would like and get the poposal mastered to, so this couple of years is him preparing for that proposal with an engagement ring, sou need to allow him to save up for that ring he wants to get you, which quite often isn't cheap,x

    • Thanks! Kinda makes me understand it all. The last thing I want to do is give him am ultimatum... That only causes bad vibes in the relationship :)

    • be patient and express excitment about the pottential engagement, because we do like an excited woman lol, and the more you make him feel like being a better man, the more of a better man he will become, When a girl makes us feel like this, then there's no other woman that comes close, good luck,x

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  • Your boyfriend is wise to want to wait; you should both have a sense of who you are and where your lives are going before you even think about getting married. Since he's with you for the foreseeable future, I wouldn't sweat the engagement aspect; different people have different preferences on that. Nagging and ultimatums won't help; they may even backfire. He already knows where you stand on the issue; you just need to be patient. Many years from now, you won't even remember having to wait another two years.

  • The oly effective way is to threaten to break up if he doesn't propose. A lot of marriages have started that way!

  • Don't push the idea any further, he'll propose when he feels it's right.

  • I've experience in this. Would you wait him for 2 years? he was so sure to marry you because you are obviously out of his league (the best he can get, AT LEAST FOR NOW) Two years later, if he were to succeed in life, will he still remember you?

  • As long as he's willing you shouldn't worry!

    His reasons are totally fine!

    Why do you want it right now? What would change then? Nothing.. except that he should financially support your children, if you're about to have them!


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