Should I try to ask her out?

Well, I'll try to make a long story as short as it can be. At work I liked this girl, sort of from the moment I stepped in. She just sort of grabbed me I guess. Didn't know much about her, but for whatever reason that didn't matter. I was interested in her more than the normal, she was special. I made my best attempts to get her to know who I am. I said hi to her, and engaged our first conversation, and after that we always smiled and waved when we walked by each other. She had to leave for 3 months, from work, and it felt like forever. When she came back, things were a little awkward between us, but we still acknowledged each other. Just the other day, she was completely looking in the wrong dirrection of me, and I said to her, "Hey Lisa!" and she just shot up and seemed really happy that I payed attention to her. She seemed down that whole day too. But maybe it's just me who thinks she seemed happy that I was paying attention to her, because I really would have liked her to.

Well, today when I stepped into work, I took a look at the schedule. Turns out, they are letting all of the seasonal people go this week. And the last day she will be working there, is tommorow. After that, I more than likely will never see her again. It's been getting me down all day.

She seemed interested, so I think, and I know I am at least interested in really knowing her. So the question is, should I try to ask her out tommorow, the last day she is there? Because like I said, it will probably be the last time I see her, granted I don't do that. Or should I try instead to get her phone number, or her AIM SN, or something of that sort? We don't know each other really well, the most we really say is hi and a small conversation about our day. Also, I might add, it's extremely hard to get a conversation in with her. She's a cashier, so when I want to talk with her, I can't because there are always managers around and the best I can do is just say hi...

Well, so much for keeping that short. I apologize. I could use a bit of advice, what exactly should I do?


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  • Definitely go for it. What do you have to lose? Or if you feel more comfortable talking to her on the computer or on the phone, ask for her number. The worst thing that can happen is she wouldn't feel the same way. As hard as it is, when that is the case, you just have to move on and realize that if someone doesn't like you for who you are, then they're not worth your time. But I bet she'll probably say yes. You're cute and seem sweet and nice from your posts you've posted on my questions. :) Good luck! Let me know how it goes!


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  • I have no idea how old this question is lol, but I'm going through the same thing also. I think, you should ask her for her phone number. It's a good start because, it leaves room for you guys to get to know each other first. Then you guys could take it from there.
    Sometimes in life, you have to take chances, and sometimes, sometimes, the most beautiful things come from those chances.



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  • I'd say go for it and ask her out. If you fee like there might be something, it's def worth a shot. Worse comes to worse she says no, but you won't see her again anyway if you don't step up and ask her.