Could my boyfriend actually plan to propose...soon?

My boyfriend and I are very close, he's turning 20 in April, and I'm turning 18 in April too. he's an amazing boyfriend and he tells me I'm amazing too. But I have noticed that he has been talking to me a lot about marriage like for example :

-when we went to the movies and he said he wanted to take be to see a movie that's coming out next year and then he said we'd probably be engaged by then. I said hu and he didn't answer back.

- I go to his house some times and I watch him shave in the mirror and he says " when we get married are you going to watch me shave then too" and he smiles.

-randomly asked me if I wanted to have kids one day


-says he wants to be with me forever

-told me he wanted to marry me one day

-tells me how he's going to put a huge rock on my finger

-when I'm at his place and I'm helping him do the dishes he laughed and told me he's always pictured us in the future doing this when were married

-tells me his friends are going to be at our wedding

He told me that he's getting older and wants to settle down and he says he loves me honestly I wouldn't mind getting married after collage but does he actually mean this could he propose to me soon or one day? HELP! I need to know!


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  • he might want to at somepoint, but at that age, probably more of a fantasy then anything. way to early


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  • naw, he's just pulling your leg... jk he probably plans on it at some point


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  • Okay. He wants to marry you.. but yeah. He most likely means in a few years. Go to college first, get a stable job after college, THEN get married. How long have you been together?

  • Why don't you just propose to him, then you have more control, instead of wondering if anything will happen , just make it happen. but not now, its too early, imo.

  • Yeah, it sounds like he's going to propose to you sometime soon. Your engagement can be for years though. You shouldn't rush into getting married right away, but yeah, it sounds like he wants to marry you someday.