Are you currently totally happy in your relationship? If so, what makes you happy?


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  • I'm not happy and heres why:

    I've known this guy for 3 years... we were friends started dating and haven't even been engaged a month. He lives an hour away.. never calls me.. doesn't email or text. But when he's at my house all he wants is sex sex sex. We go somewhere to eat I pay for everything. I drive his lazy ass around because he has no car. His friends and family have no clue I exist and in my eyes he went from a smart sexy guy to a nasty jerk. He doesn't shower he has no idea what deodorant is and I've just about had it with him.

    What makes me happy: A guy who is educated (at least has a GED or HSD) If they are over 20 years old should have a drivers license decent job OR be in school. Have the brains to propose to a girl and at least call her once a day. Who respects me for who I am. Who says they love me and means it. Who wants sex not just because it feels good but because sex is full of love... Who does unexpected things... not huge but a little something like "lets cuddle on the couch tonight and watch a movie and cook dinner together" But most of all who has respect for themselves me and my family.


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  • What would make me happy in a relationship would be - the way he responds to me, the way he listens and understands, the way he caresses me, the way how he's affectionate with me, how he treats me, how he greets me with one of most favorite things, the things he does to me, how he makes me feel like I'm the only beautiful girl in this whole world, how he makes love to me - with passion and furiousness...I don't those things is what I love about him

    • What would make me happy in a relationship is not to be a f*** buddy . I know he loves me but he could be sweet and caring and shouldn't be scared to commit to me. He should take me out more and bring me around this friends.

    • You sound just like my friend but sweetie - even you can see he's not worth your time, find someone who appreciates you and loves you for who you are. Think about it!

  • I am happy with my relationship now. he's perfect and he's nice and caring. but sometimes he will do things that he knows that will piss me of like making plans then canceling them right after I finish getting ready. but he apologizes after I talk to him and I apologize for being a b****. And sometimes I wonder if he's cheating when he doesn't answer his phone and will call back later. he's probably not I just think to much about it. so overall I'm happy

    • I am sorry you don't always feel happy...I also feel like you've stated, women tend to over think some things and create scenarios and stress they don't deserve.

    • Exactly! and I hate it.

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  • For starters I have never been completely happy in any of my relationships. I think it has a lot to do with the fact I did not truely Love them and Knew they were not the One for me.

    My Current Situatution, For the most part I am Happy. The Most important thing to me and what truely makes me happy in a relationship in being made to feel That I am one of the most important things to the girl. I completely understand that in any relationship I am never going to be the most important thing all the time, But I don't think it's to much to ask to be it most of the time. With that I think everything else will fall into place