What's the ideal age for a girl to get married?

Just Wondering, I'm no way thinking about marriage yet too young, but what would the average or usual age for a girl to get married?


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  • From what I've noticed where I live - lot of people marry too young. Like fresh out of HS young - or in their very early 20's.

    So I'd say the average is like 18 - 23 here.

    I personally think that's way to young, because in those first few years, your usually still trying to figure yourself fully out and set the pace of your life in a good direction. Marriage is no woo hoo peachy sunshine walk in the park - real marriage you'll be met with a lot of down's here and there to work through - and most youngins don't have the patience or means to work through those more stressful problems.

    I think people should allow themselves time to settle down.

    I'm not one for marriage - but I think a choice age would be in the later 20's - like 26 - 30 ish. Most degrees are earned by then and one has a career going typically - so finances won't be an issue. You've given yourself plenty of time to really learn who you are, not fully, but enough to know the sorts of things you can offer in a relationship to help it last. Also, dating experience will really help decipher the kind of partner you really ideally want.

    I don't know why people are so desperate for love these days, so desperate for the ol ball and chain. I see it all the time on here - people begging for companionship.

    Eh lol. Careful what you wish for.

    Everything that glitters is not gold.


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  • Not sure there's a true average age for this one, customarily most girls get married post-college age though these days, usually mid-to-late 20's. I'd say it also depends on how mature the guy you're looking to marry is, if they're really ready to settle down or not..


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  • upper 20's

  • 25-29