"Men marry whatever girl they are with, at the time they are ready. Women, when they meet the right guy?"

This is what someone else said to me. Do you agree with this at all? Why or why not?


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  • Hell no. Men marry the girl they can see themselves settling down with.


What Girls Said 1

  • i think the words in the statement are twisted. what I think you mean to say is that for a man it is all about timing. as in, the woman he is with, GIVEN THAT he loves her and can see a life with her, when he is at an age where he wants to get married, will be the one. if he is with a girl he loves but isn't in the marriage mindset or doesn't feel ready to get married, he probably won't. On the other hand, women are more emotional. If they meet a guy they love, most women will be willing to commit even if they are at a different age than they may have imagined getting married or whatnot, even if they weren't specifically thinking of getting married before. This can also be a downfall though, especially in young relationships where they are both around 20 or so, the woman will say "I love him so much and he's the one" and the guy might love her back but he is too young to be married and hasn't thought about it yet, which hurts her. Because women are by nature more self-sacrificial for a man, especially at a young age. Not saying guys are selfish, I just mean that women are willing to change, sometimes to the point of irrationality, to salvage a relationship or for love, whereas men are not usually as much in comparison, they are more logical and rational.