Natural instincts desires deep down to get married to who you just meet have you ever had them?

Just wondering what it is to someone elce... Love at first site? What?


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  • what?!?!

    • Never had it? ]


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  • Marriage is a construct of man so there is no 'natural' desire to get married. By 'natural' I mean basic instinct like the instinct to eat or procreate.

    • I'm not going to cut that down since you havn't had it. You into obama to much? link Human beings have those natural instincts, those fierce inborn instincts that are described as naturally necessary for a rudimentary survival; but human beings may spend most of their life trying to curb those instincts, to confine them within frames of some culture or beleaf imposed by superstructures contrived within a community or nation or beleaf.

    • If someone breaks into your house for her, you aren't going to just stand there and be like hey what's up or go ahead? You are going to jump up, maybe scream, run... maybe grab a nearby object.

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  • I suppose, I think most of us do this in are 1st serious relationship.

    • Whats it called? I want to google it...