What would you do if your fiance became a bridezilla or a groomzilla?

Sometimes on that show it seems pretty obvious that some of these people usually women are high maintenance even on their best day - but what would you do if your soon to be spouse were rude, loud, crazy, selfish, or a bridezilla/groomzilla?

Would you be able to handle it enough or have the patience to go through with it or would it change your mind?


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  • If my wife-to-be started acting anything like what the women on these shows did, I'd call off the wedding in a heartbeat. Granted, it most likely would have never gotten that far, because the thought of proposing to a high-maintenance woman is abhorrent to me.

    If I ever get married it will be to a girl who shares the same idea to me that a marriage is a pact between two lovers for life, not a ceremony for the likes of a mini-Mc-Kim-Ka-trashyian. Seriously, if a girl acted up like this, I'd calmly read her the riot act, tell her to get it in gear or else its off, possibly permanently.


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  • I would probably tell him to cool it if he wanted the wedding to still happen.

  • tell him to gtfo. ;)