Is it normal to be having doubts about getting married?

i am getting married in 2 months.i have been putting off buying any big expenses for the wedding for just in case things didn't work out. last week I bought my dress and booked our honeymoon and did our engagement pictures. now I am kind of freaking out. He is so excited to get married and my family is too, I have never been super excited about it but that's just not who I am. need advice!


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  • Of course it's normal. It's so normal, it's practically a stereotype.

    He'll probably go through a period of freaking out too, but if he has any sense, he'll never let on to you.

    It's usually the women who have a meltdown in front of their partner because on some level they want him to reassure them. In the guys case, he'll have his meltdown in front of his best friends or a stripper. We're slightly different, obviously.


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  • You're just nervous and having a little cold feet. Its normal. Calm down about it and I help that you feel better later on.

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  • mmmmm are you sure you WANT to get married? because if you're putting stuff off in anticipation something going wrong then it's more likely to go wrong. make sure your whole heart is in this. cold feet is normal, but planning for worst-case scenarios is not.