Intends to talk to his parents about marriage...

"I intend to talk to my parents soon about marriage"

I'm being an annoying girl and over analyzing this statement from my bf.

He's one of those guys that don't commit to anything unless they're really serious.

Does he mean what I think he means? Am I getting THE RING sometime soon? Should I not get my hopes up?


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  • Handsome is as handsome does...yes he is hinting at that...but actions speak much louder than words...


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  • Well if he mentioned it, that means that he probably thinks about it a lot. Maybe you should talk to him about wanting to get more serious... a possible start to a convo that could lead to planning...

  • Well he meant that he loved you when he asked you out. So just go with the flow, and even if it happens in a long time, you will be happy you waited for him :)

  • I don't know how you could interpret it otherwise?

    • Does that mean it's going to happen soonish?

    • Well I don't dare give you an estimate but probably since he brought it up.

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  • ifd it involves the whole rest of YOUR life. how is it overanalyzing to Q a statement, implicitly concerning you? you should actually talk to him about what he meant instead f acting like you're behaving so santa will bring you presents for x mas. you're involved 50% in a marriage deal. marriage is for adults. stop acting like a child.

    • Thanks for the brutally honest advice. Unfortunately he is not one of those guys that will openly talk about how he's feeling or acting. I try to make light of the situation to not make him feel pressured or for myself to not get hurt. The reason I came to this site asking whether it may mean that he is thinking of proposing because I plainly don't know what he thinks as he tries to be vague.

      I am already living with him and this was something that happened quite suddenly on his part.

    • So therefore stating that I am acting like a child in this situation may seem justified because yes, I am excited by the fact that our dreams of the future may become a reality as he has stated that he does want to marry me someday. However I do not feel that in this situation I have behaved like a child. Each to their own I guess...