He doesn't want to have sex before marriage.

I met a religious guy who believes he'll have sex with only one person, his wife. I'm attracted to him and I love spending time with him, but it bothers me. I've had more experience than he had and I believe sex is a very important part of a healthy relationship. Now, I don't see it going serious or us marrying each other, yet, I'd love to have a relationship with him, but without sex I just don't see how it might work. I'm torn and don't know if I should break it up, because it really really bothers me...


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  • Look, if you two do end up having sex, you took something away from him that obviously was very important to him. Itll make him go crazy, he's never had sex, so you are way ahead of him in sexual maturity. How do you think that having sex will impact your relationship with him? You think it'll continue on in a healthy manner? Maybe... but most of the time that will not happen.

    Its cool that you believe its part of a healthy relationship, and its cool that he's waiting. You can either respect his decision and stay with him for other things non sexual, or just decide to move forward.There's plenty of people out there, and you're not exactly committed if you just met so you have a right to be picky, as does he!

    • I absolutely agree an would never force him to change his mind, because I believe we should do what we think is right and not listen to anyone. In my opinion, sex is a very natural part of a healthy and modern relationship. I don't give it too much importance like he does to abstain from it before I decide to marry. I see it to be more of a piece of the puzzle. I just never met anyone who would refuse it on religious grounds and it's new for me. I don't know how to look at it...

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  • WoW that is the man I am looking for.Unfortunately its hard to find here.