What would keep a man from going through with marriage?

If he tells her he loves only her, tells her she is wife material and even jokes about them getting married all the time and she has told him she would marry him, why wouldn't he just go ahead and propose? Guys, what would stop you? If it was the best sex and everything you are looking for?


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  • well for one, I would be afraid that the best sex ever would stop as soon as we got married. the only other two things that would keep me from marrying her is if she gives me a lot of sh*t all the time, nothing is more unattractive than that. Or if I'm just scared of taking that next step in my life.


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  • i think every case is different, in my case I didn't think I was financially stable enough to be able to afford a wife and kids, so I kept my girl waiting for 11 years. I'm glad she waited.

  • Scared of a lifelong committment, doesn't want to be hurt/been hurt too many times, doesn't want to be tied down to the same woman for the rest of his life, maybe he doesn't want kids and he knows you want kids as soon as you get married, maybe he doesn't want to lose his freedom. These are just some of the reasons off the top of my head.

    • I aheve kids already and so does he.He is always bringing marriage up..thats why I'm confused.He has even told me he wants to marry me.I am tired of waiting and starting to think he's just full of crap!

    • Well maybe the time just isn't right for him. If you both have kids already then it could be difficult enough as it is getting married when both of you already have families with other people. Maybe he feels as if his kids will like you more than their own mother and doesn't want to break up the family.

  • Because he doesn't want to be married just yet?


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