Advice about getting married in the near future? Please?

I have a girlfriend and I am very happy with her. She isn't perfect, but she is exactly the kind of girl I have always been looking for. We have only been together for 3 months but we have known each other for over a year as friends. I definitely see myself with her as my future wife. She talks about a future with me, and her parents love me. They even call me their future son in law. They expect us to eventually end up getting married.

My one worry is an important one and it's the financial part of it. I work as security in a middle school making $10.15 an hour so I have to find I high paying job. Also, I am in a community college and my financial aid is going to run out so it will be hard to finish. I am studying computer systems tech.Even if I do, how far can a certificate from community college get me?

I'm worried about the financial stability. What should I do? Can I get I high paying job in my situation? I'm 25 and my girlfriend is 18 and turning 19 in September. I want to get married in about a year. Advice please?


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  • While I'm all for you marrying her because that's cute and all, I'd advise you to wait at least two years. Friends don't know each other as well as lovers do and after just three months of dating, you have yet to find all those little annoying quirks in the other person. I'd wait till you find those out AND get through at least three huge arguments before popping the question. You need to make sure you're actually compatible outside of "the honeymoon" phase. Also, you're still young, and so is she. At 18, almost 19 (30 more days :D) myself, I am in a committed 5 year relationship and I am no where near ready to get married. My boyfriend and I talk about marriage and really do plan to do so. But we want to get through college first. You're older than she is, I see, but you have to understand that she's in a different stage in life than you are. At at least 25, you are ready to settle down, she may like the idea, but not be ready for it quite yet. Wait a little while before asking her. Best of luck to you :)

    • Thanks for the advice. She does talk about our future and that she only wants to be with me and things like that but maybe I shouldn't take it seriously yet because of her age? Also, her parents asked me if I was sure because they don't want their daughter to be in a meaningless relationship that end up going nowhere, so I am kind of in a commitment with her.

    • You should take it seriously for sure, and planning to marry her is fine, just don't rush into it. Let the relationship mature first. Else you might run into some things down the road about her that aren't so pretty.


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  • There are quite a few jobs that a CC certification will get you, though they will all be entry level jobs. My advice, career-wise, would be to start with a company, start getting paid and load up on certifications - the best way is to find a company that's willing to finance the certifications. That will take time of course, but you will find yourself steadily climbing the corporate ladder - and eventually with experience and further education, you'll have a wider variety of jobs to choose from.

    As for getting married ...

    My husband and I were great friends for two years before we started dating and it was a year of dating before he proposed to me. I don't see anything wrong with wanting to make it forever - but what's the rush? Why not date for a while and then be engaged for a while before you tie the knot? 25 isn't as old as you think it is, lol, and 19 is very, very young. You guys have plenty of time to just get to know each other hand have fun with each other before getting serious about each other.

    Good luck.

  • 1. Wait a bit longer to get married, 3 months of dating is not enough.

    2. Hard work, impress impress impress, ask what you can do even in your current role to excel and move forward. You may have to gather some more money for your studies by working hard too.

  • My advice is to go ahead and get married, but don't have kids for another 5-7 years or so. If you go ahead and have them, you're going to be dirt poor. She's only 19, there is time to get your life together without kids first.

    • Hmm, good advice. Didn't think about that.

    • Also, wait at least another 6 months before getting married. It's not like she's going anywhere, if you two are a good couple. There is no rush!

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  • My advice regarding getting married in about a year.

    1 - Don't get married in about a year.

    • In your opinion, how long then?

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    • Marriage is a big commitment. I've seen people together for 10 years and their marriage does not go well. If you intend on spending your whole life with the person, you better be damn sure you know them inside and out, and not when the going is good, you only truly know a person when the chips are down and things are looking at their worst.

    • Yea your right. Thanks

  • "Alright, let me be the first to say congratulations to ya then. You get one vigina for the rest of your life. Real smart Frankie. Way to work it through."

    18 year old girls absolutely don't know what they want and she will change her mind about you at or in college.

    • vagina*

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    • So what is your advice for me, to breakup with her?

    • It's only been 3 months man. She's so young. I'd wait a few years.