The man I'm in love with is getting married.

The man I'm in love with is getting married the pain is unbearable, I can hardly sleep or eat. I think getting hit by a bus would feel a lot better lol

Oh and all I've been doing is crying


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  • I know it hurts I've been through it. OK if you really love him you will like to see him happy. Be happy for him. If it was meant to be you to will find each other again


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  • You have to remove all reminders of him out of your life down to computer passwords. All gifts, clothes and any common thing. Move your residence. Replace your bed. If he liked certain underwear, get a different kind. If he liked you shaved, let it grow out. Do not say his name and do not stalk him. Put him out. He is not your lover. He is your betrayer.

    • hahahahaha... basically true and funny at the same time.

  • damn that sucks...but obviously he doesn't feel this way about you so the best thing for you to do is just get over it, there's a trillion fish in the sea and I bet there's better guys out being one for seriously let him go and enjoy life

  • Alcohol, loud music, party hard! Get high & get wasted! Let all your pain to go outside, away from you, and then..


    A new love - it's your best cure. You can love only one person at any given time! And let that one person to be someone else - someone available! Trust me - you'll feel like being reborn! ..not literally of course!

    • Getting a new guy will only make you miss the other one and make you feel yucky on the inside. It is not a time to try to find a new person. It is definitely a time to work on yourself. Be HEALTHY-- but have fun. Go out w/friends (delete all messaages/letters/cards/gifts, etc.). Eventually, You WILL meet someone esle.

    • No - it's not right.

      When there's a remedy it must be taken immediately, suffering pointlessly is... well - pointless!

  • move to some new place away from the guy

  • The first time I felt I was suffocating standing next to the girl who I know was manipulating me and I refused to talk to her. Every single sense in my body told me to say something to her, to hear her laugh, to see her smile. I forced myself to not do those things and I felt was choking, it was so bad that I had to step out of the office to breath, I could have swore, I had tears and cried a bit when no one was looking in the staircase. There was a day that I missed all three meals because I was so depressed because like you, I knew our relationship could never go back to the way it was.

    I know it sounds tough, but you will find someone better. You have an obligation to yourself to explore and find out what you really want in life and make the necessary sacrifice to get there. You are worth it and I believe you will find someone who will love you and cherish you. It is how I sleep at night.


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  • Aww.. :( There isn't much you can do, but to just let him be. Sorry to say but if he is happy then let him be. You should probably had tried to get him before they came to this stage. Try to hang out with your friends, so that they could help take your mind off some things.

    Hope you do better.

    Hehe, I don't really know what to say. :3 I'm still young

  • - Tell him how you feel and maybe the pressure will go away

    - Just move away or don't stay in contact with him

    - start fresh, new you: go shopping, spoil yourself, think of the future

    - find someone new, start dating

    • Don't talk to him. This will hurt you more. He is getting married! He will probably ignore you or just seeing him will make it worse-- yes get a fresh start.