My sister is barley out of high school and in such a rush to get married!

Since she graduated a couple months ago she talks about nothing else but whether her boyfriend is going to ask her to marry him and now he actually did.

Her boyfriend is 4 years older, just graduated college and will start a job in Boston next month. He is polite, he treats her well and his parents are wealthy, so overall I guess it could have been worse.

I still don't get why she is obsessed with it. She is 18, she has whole life still ahead of her. She's got a full ride for some fancy private school near Boston. She has endless opportunities with that and there is still plenty of time to get married, so why is she so keen on doing that?

I don't mind if she marries him someday, but for now I just think it's a huge mistake. She won't listen though

I don't mind


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  • As a young woman myself, I can understand your sister's desire to marry. She finds him stable, and predicts him as a great provider. I'm guessing your sister may be an old soul. However, just tell her to work on her own future for now. Build her own career, and if she is that serious, tell her that this will better the future of her and her bf's relationship in the long run as well. Convince her to live independently and have a career of her own before anything serious.


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  • I'm 19 and I can't wait to get married and have a family. I guess it's just our biological clocks or just a girl thing. I'm trying to convince my boyfriend that we should get an apartment together now.


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  • She wants you and her family to approve. The approval will probably bug her but she wants to know that people can't control her life