Do you think women should propose more?

i think women should propose more often. I think we give men to much power when it comes to the relationship. why do they have to decide when we get married? if you been in a relationship for like 6 years..then the smell of marriage needs to be in the air. I feel like sometimes men just like to drag along women for there convenience. I think some women have already got the hint. that's why now a lot of women give out there number as well as recieve the number if not just recieve the number..why? because men have abused the power. women use to give out there number then just sit and wait by the phone for a week and they never call. so now a lot of women have changed that. what do you guys think about this?


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  • From a diversity standpoint, I think it's cool for a girl to propose. But because of the way things are now with all the gender equality or feminists, women do so many more things in relationships or otherwise.

    They ask guys out, they bring home the bacon, they plan social events for their families, they have more unrealistic and shallow standards in guys... I think proposing marriage is one of the few things that guys still have, and I think they should still have that.

    I'll be honest though, after reading this question, I'm thinking about how I'd like to propose to a guy if I were to do it.

    • lol

      you do have a point though

    • I know. You didn't consider the other side when you made your argument. :P

    • i thought about your side but at the same time...its still giving men to much power and control. and a a lot of the times they don't know what to do with the power


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  • please.

    why would you even get married? so you can get spousal support and half of everything?

    i rather long-lease a whore. she's cheaper and she wouldn't nag all the time.

    what men should start do is saying NO the the marriage.

    • the problem is men don't gossip about the good in marriage. they only gossip about the bad so you think your life is about to end. but women we gossip about the good and bad which is what you suppose to do.

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    • Well personally I wouldn't want anything from an ex not even money being that I am so prideful and the fact that I don't want him to think he made my success. But hey that's just me.

    • i know you know that your lying to yourself. if you would become accustomed to big living, and have a chance to stuff millions in your pocket to continue with that life, you would do it. like EVERY WOMAN DOES!

  • naw, to be fair with women, this is how I see it, women should approach men and start conversations with them more often, initiate, ask them out on dates first, because still in this day and age it is still 80 or 90 percent of the time, or more, that the guy has to make the first move and ask the girl out, but for marriage, I feel that should be the guy's job, so that way we can give and take more

  • Why do people act like gender roles are a bad thing? It's okay for a man to act like a man, and a woman to act like a woman. I would never accept a proposal from a woman. Date, yes, though I would feel like less of a man because I should have been the one to step up.

    And any girl who's waited 6 years for a proposal is only fooling herself.

    • Its your opinion, that being a Man is active, being a Woman is passive. It is not, however, your decision.

      You would never marry a Woman, who proposed, and I would never be with someone who felt degraded(feel like less of a man) by someone else being proactive.

      Why are you so threatened, that you need a woman to be passive, so you can feel like a man, then maybe you should look into that. Instead if trying to rationalize your prejudice.

    • Actually I am very passive and if girls didn't show interest in me, I would have a nonexistent dating life. I need to man up. Why would you want to propose to a nan? If he doesn't want to take the next step then you taking it for him will not help. If a girl can be a feminist then can I be a masculinist?

  • " if you been in a relationship for like 6 years..then the smell of marriage needs to be in the air."

    Well, we started dating at 20 and married at 25.

  • Heavens, no. I think men should propose less!

    • why do men think marriage sucks. study shows that married men are more happier. the problem is men don't gossip about the good in marriage. they only gossip about the bad so you think your life is about to end. but women we gossip about the good and bad which is what you suppose to do

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    • you will learn eventually.

      even the men who say they will never ever get married usually do because they are tired of sleeping alone at night.

    • If that day ever comes, I'll buy you a coke.

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  • If a man was interested in marrying you, he'd ask you to marry him. You don't have to wait around forever for him to ask you. If it's been close to 10 years, it should have been obvious many years ago that he wasn't trying to marry you and you should have left then. You don't have to sit around and wait for a guy, just do your thing and if he's not doing it on your time table then dismiss him and get a new one. If women start asking men to marry them, it's not going to give them more power. Think of Chrissy from Love and Hip Hop NY. She had to ask Jim Jones to marry her after 10 years. Wanna know why? Because he didn't want to marry her ass! If he did then he would have asked her himself. Besides, she asked him to marry her, and they still aren't married. He gave her a "shut up" *engagement* ring but her last name is still the same.

  • Women and men should both feel free from gender roles, especially when it comes to personal relationships. If a woman wants to propose to her boyfriend but is afraid of how it'll "look" because she's female, that's unfortunate.

  • If you have been in a relationship for six years and he hasn't proposed, he doesn't want to marry you or you haven't impressed him enough to consider forever with you. I am not saying I wouldn't like to get married some day but I am I think where people put the emphasis on a circular object on a finger or the glamour of a wedding. Women don't use marriage as a sacred thing anymore just as some status to have so that they can say "My Husband" to their girlfriends. To me that's BS. If people would think about the vows they made/ or making then maybe there wouldn't be so many divorce. I don't see, however, what giving out ones number has to do with marriage. Yes it may be the first step but their are so many more in between that and marriage. Frankly, I am not proposing ever because I consider it a masculine thing but then again I would like to have the freedom to walk out if he pisses me off to the point where I can't stand his ass.

  • I did not finish reading past the title.

    Anyways YES. Not because it will make marriage happen, or not.

    Because there is no reason why anyone who wants to get married should not have the freedom to ask.

    Everyone has the right to say no. Anyone has the right to ask.its only logical.

    Marriage is socially acceptable act between two mutually consenting adults. Te burden of proposal should also be, mutual.

  • If they want to sit and wait. Then, they can sit their ass down and wait.

    I will never, ever propose to a man. I might ask him on a date but that's it.

    A woman proposing to a man just doesn't look as if it should be that way. But hey, if that's what she wants. Nothing is wrong with that.

    • so you would wait and wait...

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    • why with dates?

    • Why not? Obviously, some men are complaining about women not stepping up (dating scene). I don't hear them bitching about why a woman should propose.