How do I deal with his anger?

I have been married a short time and my husband has a short fuse I have always known that but lately its been worse.He says it is stress from renovations we are having done but I have noticed it is any little thing that has a little stress.He is a only child never been married before and does not have kids.How do I handle this I find the things that set him off are not big deals.Does anyone have advice for me? I am ready to leave I seem to be brunt of his frustration.


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  • Unfortunately at his age he should be able to control his anger or frustrations, especially with you.

    I think it's just an excuse about the renovations. ALL projects are frustration.

    I'm use to getting my way but I do not take my frustrations out on other people. I may bitch to or at myself for not being able to get something done as quickly as I think that I should be able to.

    I have to remind myself it takes as long as it takes. What am I missing out on? A dumb TV show?

    Part of my frustration is that I don't like to live in disarray.

    You probably can't talk to him when he's in this mood. Try to later. If that doesn't seem to work out then you'll make the right decision for your own peace of mind.


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  • SOUNDS JUST LIKE MY DAD. he just got married for the first time with his wife, and he has always had a short temper, and anger issues. but his brother passed away when they were young, and it was heart breaking for him. but he has me as his only child. they actually have taken some marriage counseling, and that kinda seems to help. But what I see what his wife does to trigger things, is she keeps saying things to keep him mad, I think to deal with angry people at the moment is just to agree ( even if you don't) be apologetic, and just leave them alone, and after everyone is cooled down, to come in and talk about it, and then address that how he is acting is not OK. But she has wanted to leave him just because of his anger, but she really seems to like him.

  • Leave now. I am marry to one. He is not a hpaay person. We have two kids. Making separation very difficult.

  • leave now! I dated a man like this and he will never change. trust me he blamed it on "stopping smoking" "stress" etc but that was really him