Do you think the whole Chick-Fil-A thing kind of blew up in in the face of the gay rights activists?

Chick-Fil-A was never talked about this much before a month ago.

It started with gay people with an agenda to try and shame the restaurant for the company's view on marriage, but now the counter-protestors are more vocal than the original protestors. I see all kinds of events on Facebook and the news where people are going to their local Chick-Fil-A en mass and buying their food, all as a means of showing solidarity. I mean, it seems like these gay rights groups kind of opened a can of worms...doesn't it?

It reminds me of when they finally got to put an amendment on the ballot in the liberal land of Cali to legalize gay marriage and the voters went against it. The gay rights activists were totally shocked because they thought if it was going to pass anywhere it would pass there.

What say you?


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  • Maybe but they like when things blow up in their face. ;)

    Anyway, I think it's stupid. There are many companies that support gay marriage, and there isn't a huge movement against them. The owner of this company is against it, and suddenly he isn't allowed to open up chains in certain cities. That isn't hypocritical? That's the problem with political issues. "You better believe what I believe or you're an idiot." lol twats

    Besides, I think as others may have pointed out, I think there is a difference between being against gay marriage and being anti gay.

    Also, I've never eaten at Chick-Fil-A, but I might now. Not because I'm against gay marriage or anything (actually I don't care one way or another), but no matter what side of this issue they are on, everyone is saying they're good. "I don't care how good their food is. I'm not going to a place that believes that." or "I don't really care. I still like their food." lol Makes me think I've been missing out on something. As they say, all publicity is good publicity.


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  • Not in my eyes. All the "support" for Chik-Fil-A has done is allowed even more people to make themselves look like idiots :P

    I'm puzzled as to why so many people are like, "rah rah freedom of speech" as if anti-gay opinions don't hurt anybody. As if it's JUST a marriage issue and people aren't still being beaten and killed because someone wasn't okay with their sexual orientation.

  • So how about I start a protest outside of a Jewish restaurant telling others to not support their business because the Jews & I don't share the same beliefs? [just an example..I love, love, love Jewish food) People should understand that we live in a diverse country and you can not force others to believe what you believe in. The gay community goes crazy when someone says they don't agree with gay's lifestyle because of xyz, yet still some gay people are extremely disrespectful to other people's belief. I'm glad that people supported Chick-Fil A. I'm starting to look at gays as bullies now.

    • To answer your question, I don't think its over yet so I can't really say if it blew up in their face or not.

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    • homophobic beliefs are intolerant though lolol

      Sorry I don't think any gay person sticking up for themselves is "making a fool of" anyone.

      I'm done. I can't wait until this blows over because this sh*t discourse makes me shake. I hope I live long enough to see the population shift towards "less a**holes."

    • You can't see the connection between "gay people shouldn't be allowed to get married like us normal straight people" and "gay people are less-than"?

      well sure if you're gonna phrase it THAT way. Chick-Fil A is just being vocal about their beliefs. religions all have different views on marriage. (i.e: Muslims believe in polygamy) In another man's religion, the ones who are "right" are "wrong". not every1 anti-gay marriage looks @ gay as less than they just simply disagree with their lifestyle.

  • I guess it might have. I think it's sad that people hate gays so much that they will go out of their way to buy food to prove it. I had never eaten there and was kind of curious about their food. Not anymore. Especially after reading about how they've donated millions to anti-gay groups, I won't give them a dime. They can make their money off the bigots, I guess.

  • As someone who likes guys and girls, I think this whole issue is ridiculous. The average Chik-Fil-A customer doesn't give 2 sh*ts about their stance on same-sex marriage, they just like the damn food

    I like the sweet tea and food also!

    I think they thought it would turn into Occupy Wallstreet or something and it didn't. Just because someone or some business doesn't have a liberal opinion doesn't mean they aren't worthy of freedom of speech

    I mean, the employees get Sunday off so they can "go to church" or respect their religious restrictions. Come on. Did people REALLY think they were going to be for same-sex marriage when it does go against Christian principles?


  • No it just proved there are many intolerant people out there. No a surprise

    • Btw as a Cali voter I will tell you this; we voted FOR the gay rights. The Mormon church spend millions to get to the supereme court to overturn the will of the people . their conservative bigoted asses will be kicked soon enough not the worry!

    • "The Mormon church spend millions to get to the supereme court to overturn the will of the people"

      That just tells me that Californians are weak-willed p******. ...but I already knew that from my days living in San Diego anyways.

    • Since you enjoy stereotyping and profiling here is one for you. " in god we trust all others pay cash"

  • Isn't Chick Fil-A a strong Christian based Company?

    I think the company can hire whomever they want- if they don't like gays and lesbians working

    in their chains, then so be it... Why are people making such a fuss over it?

    Nobody is forcing the homosexuals to eat at the chain...they can simply choose not to eat at the restaurant...simple as that!

    • the gay community must always realize there will be institutions and groups of people who are not for homosexual with it, not everybody on earth sympathizes will G&Ls.

    • Why is it almost more socially acceptable to discriminate against gays

      but if a company didn't hire or said insulting things towards blacks or women,

      people would be a lot more angry towards it

    • beats me, there are more state laws and employment acts that protect minorities against discrimination, but very few that protect the rights of homosexuals...

      I think it's because the upheaval of the G&L movement is fairly recent, but problems concerning race and gender has been around practically since the founding of our country...

  • I didn't know in order to eat food, the restaurant had to support same things others believe in. Smh.

  • Gay community = hypocrites.

    They want everyone to support them and when someone doesn't agree with them they blow up in your face. Everyone should just mind their own business if you don't want to go to Chick Fil A don't go simple.

    • Why do I get thumbs down? Gay people don't like to hear the truth don't they?

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  • I know a lot of people turned up for the Chick-fil-a appreciation day but I don't know a lot about this topic,

    if they can't give proper reasoning against gay marriage and are just buying sandwiches then I don't need to take it seriously(basic rights/privileges which most have shouldn't be up to a vote)

    Yeah I'd say it took a bad turn, but I think showing what type of organizations Chick-fil-a used to support that said stuff like homosexuality is evil, a mental illness, can be cured was still a good thing to be aware of

    I don't agree with banning it

  • I honestly don't think anyone on either side benefited from the huge deal that was made out of the Chick-Fil-A ordeal.

    What have we learned here?

    Basically, that everyone is allowed to have their own beliefs unless they differ from that of the more politically aggressive demographic. Then you have to keep those beliefs to yourself or be patronized.

  • Both sides of this "debate" is wasting their time. Time will be better spent contacting their state lawmakers and not sitting out in front of a fast food joint that sells chicken sandwiches.

    People will do anything to add drama to their lives.

  • I guess.

    Anyway, the war is there's, no matter what battles they lose.

  • I think it did, they tried to sensationalize this whole thing and it backfired in their face. They are trying too hard to be "IN YOUR FACE"... I've seen a bunch of pictures of gay people kissing in front of Chik-fil-a... that is the most retarded thing I've ever seen and it just makes them look like petty, self entitled people with no respect for freedom of speech

    • No respect for freedom of speech? How about no respect for people who encourage the idea that you're sub-human? Free speech doesn't mean consequence-free speech.

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    • Gay people kissing in front of a restaurant isn't hurting anyone, though :P

    • sure, but it's petty :), as I said, I'm for gay rights and gay marriage, but petty things like this make me question my stance

  • Boston Market is way better.

  • Sure seems that way.

  • It's just like when I was called "racist" for saying that I don't think Obama has done a good job as President. Someone always needs something to complain about. No one can be happy with what they have, they want more. Waking up in the morning and taking a breath whether- gay, straight, white, black, male or female; just isn't enough. Always got to be something to complain for.