My boyfriend is marriage shy, but he will lose me if we don't marry, what to do?

So I am not legal in US. And I am with this awesome charming guy for more than a year, so... If I don't get the green card I will come back to my country and maybe never see him again. If we marry I can have the green card. But he hates the idea of marriage. What should I do to making him see that without marry me he will loose me because of American laws?


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  • tell him that he'll lose you!


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  • I don't think you can really convince someone to marry you. If he really wants to marry you, he will. Otherwise he will be marrying you out of pity so you can get a green card.

    If I were you I'd be more independent and find another way of getting a green card.

    • But What way? Tell me and Would be awsome, because I do think that marriage is for needy people that needs a papper to prouve love.. Tell me please. And Thank you :)