Now that I'm engaged, other girls...

are more talkative towards me, pay more attention to me and are much more flirtatious.

why on earth is this?


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  • People want what they can't have. Both guys and girls are like this. I don't exactly know why. I think it might be because they want to prove they can get someone who is in a committed relationship, or maybe it's because an engaged man has proven himself to be marriage material.

    • yup that's true..people generally want what they don't have and don't fully appreciate what they already have.


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  • HaHa...Did you ever see that Seinfield episode, where the same thing happens to Jerry...By getting engaged, you've shown that you can go "all the way".

    • hahah I love sienfeild !

  • maybe beacuse they want something that isn't theres? maybe there is a less chance of them hoooking up with you? who knows. lol.

    • lol

      have you ever been attracted to a married or engaged guy? or have you ever hooked up with one?

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    • i went out..looking for rubber glove and extra pair of socks :P

    • lol. doesn't sounds innocent at all

  • feel comfortable and know your less likely to hit on them

    • that could be true.. but then why would they be so flirtatious..dancing closely, holding hands, kissing on the cheek etc.. are some examples.

    • maybe they are jealous

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  • If they know you're engaged it's probably because you're 'pre-approved' by another woman. Since you have attractive qualities, as deemed by another woman, these other women want you because of it instead of taking a gamble on a single guy.

    If they don't know you're engaged, then unlucky coincidence perhaps.

    • i've actually read that somewhere. a lot of truth behind it.