My wife is in the hospital. what can I do?

my wife is in the hospital , she's really sick and she tells me she doesn't want me or our daughter to visit. what can I do? I miss her and so does our little girl

iv seen my wife today. and I spoke with the doctors they have no clue what's wrong with her, she looks aweful and she yelled abuse at me for bringing abby to the hospital. I've never seen her like this and she never has acted like this before
i got a call from the doctors half an hour ago, they found that my wife has leukaemia ='( I don't know what to do
my wife made a video for abby and she wanted it put on YouTube so last week I put it up and it would be great if you guys would watch it(you dnt have to), I think shed love it if she got a lot of veiws


check it out
she lets abby visit now, she's getting better but we aren't out of the woods yet


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  • You have good advice here. A video of you daughter is a great idea. Talk to the doctors. If she doesn't look great, that may be the reason. Age one is young, she may not realize how much that Abby misses her.

    Talk to the doctors. They need to be semi-honest with you. The nurses are usually better sources. At three weeks, it is one of two things:

    -it is something they are not sure how to treat, but have options and think it is safer to try them in a controlled environment, like the hospital.

    -they have no ides what the h*ll is wrong and trying to figure it out.

    You need to know which, ideally the first.

    But you need to know. You need to get your daughter there, Abby will just remember the missing mom. Believe me, I was just over 1, only it was my dad. He was OK, but 4 weeks of "soon".

    Get answers, see her and I hope all is good. Like others, I will look to be told your wife is OK. You are to young to have to be going through this...

    Good luck, friend me if I can do anything, even just listen :)

    • im seeing her tomorrow with abby. little abby doesn't understand and is upsetting to watch her wait at the door for mummy to walk in the door

    • GOOD! The best of luck man. Trust me, we don't give kids credit. Get information from the doctors. I wish a speedy recover time for your wife. Ideally, next time you and Abby go is to bring her mum home. Again, hope she is well soon. You sound like a good father and husband :)


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  • I think you should try and convince her to let Abby come see her unless it gets too bad, not seeing a parent even when they look sick isn't that great. For now I think you just have to try and do the best you can to support her and hope it goes well, and of course take care of your daughter, maybe bring your wife some flowers and other get well gifts. There are treatments available for it so it could end up going better than with family member. For now I'd say just try and do your best in supporting her and being strong for both your daughter and wife.

    Really hope it goes well for you.

  • Is she sick with an infectious disease?!

    Then maybe she doesn't want you or your daughter to get sick too. ^-^

    So visit her when she gets better.

    Or maybe she doesn't want you to see her weak or in this situation.

    Hope she will get well soon. ^-^

    • no its not infectious. but I feel like its serious and she's not telling me. I need her and I hate not seeing her every day

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    • Ah right.. sorry. -_-

      I hope she will get better soon. :(

  • How about using your cell phone to make a video call to her?That way,you and your daughter would be able to ''see'' her and she can ''see'' both of you too.Maybe try to persuade her through the video call to let her see both of you.Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery to her.

    • Maybe she is having a mood disorder,feeling depressive or there's a hormonal imbalance?That's the only thing I could think of for sudden changes in a person's behavior .You didn't mention the reason for her hospitalisation.

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    • I am just sharing some of what I have gone through in my life. :)

    • i just wish abby could see her mum

  • She wants her daughter to remember her healthy...

    Not wasting, dying and ugly in the hospital...

  • Although you really want to see her,just respect her dessicion,but keep in touch with the doctors. Give her calls and I'm sure when she fells better she will tell you to go visit :)

    • t fair on our year old daughter though. abby needs her mum more than I do. this is just a feally scarey feeling

  • Maybe she doesn't want you or your daughter to see her that way. I mean, weak and sick. Or she doesn't want to infect you or something. :) Call her. Or make a surprise visit. Girls love surprises. :)

    I'll be praying for your wife to get well soon.


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  • I can understand the kids, not wanting them to see her sickly. I would think she would want to see you for strength & to talk about her kids.

    People deal with illnesses in different ways.

    • shes never pushed either of us away when she was sick so this is new strange and scary for me

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    • She isn't thinking clearly. Soon a solution will be found & you will be a happy family again.

    • thank you I hope so too

  • leukaemia? Well there is still hope with bone marrow transplant or chemotherapy. Do not get desperate this can be fought in several fronts. I am very familiar with such disease.

    • my aunt died from leukaemia that is why this scares me. and I'm worried she will push our daughter away

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    • i just wish I knew how to make her feel better

    • you will have your chance of moral support when you see her

  • I think she is afraid of you getting closer to her. My advice is to talk to the treating doctors

    • they aren't telling me much. I'm scared something is seriously wrong

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    • Yes everyone wishes that and I'll tell you everyone would be wiser too

    • i want to have both my girls

  • strange, which wife will not want her family to visit her. unless she is sick of you.

  • I know how you feel. My mom has stage 4 breast cancer. I'm still trying to get the screaming out of my head from her saying not to leave her at the hospital:(

    • only my wife screamed at me never to let our dauhter near her again

    • Just give her time, it's a lot for her to take in at the moment. In a few days it will sink in better and she'll come around and want to see her daughter.

    • i hope you are right

  • If you weren't told, leukemia is a type of cancer. You can read up on it at Wikipedia dot org. Treatments do exist, which are listed on Wikipedia, but this Web site will not let me copy & paste the link. Just search "leukemia" and it'll appear on the very page that loads up.

    I would persist in spending time with her and allow my daughter to do so as well.

    • a member of my family died from leukemia that's why I'm so freaked out.

      she is letting me see her now but she doesn't want abby to see her

  • First of all send flowers. Then perhaps communicate in other ways. Perhaps have both you and your daughter write (and she can draw a picture) letters. If she feels better call her. Tell her how much you and your daughter loves her etc...

    Make sure she does not feel isolated or horrible.

    • thank you. she yelled at our little girl when I brought her to see her last time. I just don't understand why she's doing this. I'm her husband and its her baby girl.

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    • i know its not a joke.s why I'm so scared

    • I hope things work out for the best.