Breaking the stereotypes, am I the only girl who freaks from the words "I love you" "engagement" & "marriage"

I feel like men are known to feel this way. And women are usually known to dream about her wedding. I'm 20 and I'm not longing to be married like most women. Do any women feel this way. Am I afraid of commitment?


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  • I don't think that majority of people are going to want to get married around a young age. In the past it was the norm but society has changed a lot. Right now I reckon there's a lot of young people who will claim to not want kids or want marriage or commitment but in a couple of years when your life stage has changed I'm positive many will change their views. Right now I also don't want to get married and it also freaks me out to a certain extent because I don't want to end up married like my parents who hate each but can't get divorced. I don't know what a happy marriage looks like so it's difficult for me to imagine that or desire that because from my experience it looks like a hell hole but I know that when the right person comes along I'm sure my opinion will change and I'd hope to be more with them.


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  • I'm not interested in marriage due to the anti-male divorce and custody laws we have in the United States. I'd like to get married, but won't due to the anti-male laws. So I'm not afraid of marriage, I'm afraid what a woman might do if we get divorced.


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  • I don't believe in what our society now calls love

    I don't believer that I'll stumble upon what is truly love

    I am not going to stress myself to death looking for it

    I am never getting married, even if I do find it.

    I am never having kids

    If I guy wants a kid, he can get a puppy...

  • ok ready for this? KIDS! muahaha...

  • There is nothing wrong with that. I've never dreamed about a wedding either. The idea of marriage doesn't appeal to me at all at this time.